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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Is it just me or are these social uprisings sparking off allover the place in fact very similar to the 1848 revolutions? I’m talking of course about the Indignados, the Occupy movement, the 2012 Romanian protests, etc. History repeats itself.

This revolutionary wave began in France in February, and immediately spread to most of Europe and parts of Latin America. Over 50 countries were affected, but there was no coordination or cooperation among the revolutionaries in different countries. Five factors were involved: the widespread dissatisfaction with the political leadership; the demand for more participation and democracy; the demands of the working classes; the upsurge of nationalism; and finally, the regrouping of the reactionary forces based in the royalty, the aristocracy, the army, and the peasants. The uprisings were led by shaky ad-hoc coalitions of reformers, the middle classes and workers, but it could not hold together for long.