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Goodbye Linux

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

As the remaining non-systemd major Linux distributions are moving to systemd, I am more likely to refrain from further Linux usage whenever I am making my own decisions.

I am currently using Ubuntu LTS on the desktop. 14.04 would most likely be the last LTS version to use upstart, as Debian is switching to systemd and Ubuntu people have decided to follow upstream.

I would happily use Gentoo if it wasn’t an ever moving target, requring me to compile everything by hand every time. In fact I shall give it a shot anyhow, maybe it does indeed work for me. OpenRC is a good and correct approach to system init because it does not overdo everything like systemd does. I would have preferred runit, but anything else other than systemd is fine. Why? Because systemd is broken by design.

SuSE has been struggling to migrate everything to systemd since version 12.1. Fast forward three years. We are now at 13.1 and there are still problems with it.

So it looks like I am heading towards a BSD desktop after all. On servers I’ve been already running FreeBSD for the last ten years or so.


I am not going to use Gentoo. The install is too tendious and it requires building everything from source, including the base system. By contrast, all the BSDs offer a fully functional and very well integrated base operating system that’s easy to install. With pkgng you also get access to over 20k packages that are rebuilt weekly.

Upstart is sometimes even worse. If you try to disable a service you end up messing with scripts. Override files? You must be kidding me. Whatever happened to symlinks? What I mean is a single symlink for every service, runit style, not multiple symlinks like sysvinit uses. Or a single config file, likeĀ rcng uses. At least systemd provides a single command that allows you to enable, disable, start, stop, list services and more. Its switches are long and not always intuitive, but at least it does have builtin help. OpenRC has three of them, yet it’s still a lot better than messing with scripts and override files.