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Leaking process info?

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Wondering how to restrict your users to only see their own processes in Linux? A quick answer that comes up is the grsecurity patch, but that doesn’t cope very well with the apparmor functionality in Ubuntu’s kernel. Fortunately, not long ago Openwall developer Vasiliy Kulikov came up with this kernel patch that allows us to mount the proc filesystem with the hidepid and gid options, achieving this. All the details are supplied at the above link. The patch was imported into mainline kernel 3.3, I believe. As a side note, this has been backported to Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Precise kernels.

Of course, FreeBSD has a similar option since 4.0, configurable via sysctl.

The Dead

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

As a Perl user I am simply tired of this Perl is dead nonsense and the silly should we rename Perl 5 type of discussions.

By the way, with Perl being dead and all – in my small hometown we have events like this one with guest speakers from abroad.

The Navy

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

‘“Not at all. Plain fact. Whether it’s the fragment of coding, the fragment of engineering, the fragment of gunnery-you’ll find them all predigested and regulated to a point where you’d have to search the insane asylums to find people who could muff the jobs. Remember that one point. It explains, and reconciles you to, all the Navy Regulations, and all the required reports, and all the emphasis on memory and obedience, and all the standardized ways of doing things. The Navy is a master plan designed by geniuses for execution by idiots. If you’re not an idiot, but find yourself in the Navy, you can only operate well by pretending to be one. All the shortcuts and economies and common-sense changes that your native intelligence suggests to you are mistakes. Learn to quash them. Constantly ask yourself, ‘How would I do this if I were a fool?’ Throttle down your mind to a crawl. Then you’ll never go wrong- Well, that cleans up brother Carmody’s traffic, he added, pushing aside the heap of despatches. “Want me to do yours?””

– Herman Wouk, The Caine Mutiny

CE și gazele de șist

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Comisia Europeană a deschis un proces de consultare publică cu privire la riscurile asociate și cadrul legislativ necesar exploatării combustibililor fosili neconvenționali, cu referire explicită la gazele de șist. Cetățenii statelor membre UE sunt invitați să răspundă la acest chestionar de pe site-ul CE până pe data de 23 martie 2013.

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