We had quite a bit of downtime. Some of the content was lost due to the old server going offline. I no longer have physical access to the old box, so everything was restored from backup and moved to a new host I pulled out of my sleeve overnight. At least everything will hopefully run faster now. See ya.

3 Responses to “Downtime”

  1. Cris Says:

    Heil neue!

  2. Ihrielle Says:

    Good like with this one :)

    Btw, where are the key-questions to comment form?

  3. ggl Says:

    Well, the post regarding the trick question was lost during the outage.

    I got rid of the trick question because it was also hindering real humans from posting comments. Too bad, since I was really fond of it. I still have the plugin installed, only it’s deactivated. It might return someday, who knows. The spam was coming in via pingbacks from China so it was getting around that filter anyway. As a result, China is now blacklisted and serveral new anti-spam filters have been installed. I’m testing them as we speak. One of them keeps throwing Cris’ comments in the spam bin for some obscure reason.

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