Anti-immigrant sentiment is growing in Europe. While all sorts of Eurosceptic, pro-independence movements and right-wing groups are springing up all across the continent, the establishment politicians and the mainstream media want us to think Europe is somehow divided in the wake of the migrant crisis. For instance I’ve read this article about a Finnish vigilante group entitled Soldiers of Odin that patrols the streets in temperatures of -30°C to keep their fellow Finns safe from immigrants. Just get real, nobody in their right mind wants potential jihadists moving next door and suicide bombings becoming a fact of everyday life. Although I find it a bit funny, Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán was right to erect a fence on the border with neighboring Serbia to deter the migrants from entering Hungary. The Chinese also tried it some time ago but it didn’t quite work as expected, not on the long run anyway. The only way to stop the free movement of people is with some light-years worth of empty space.

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3 Responses to “Immigrants”

  1. Cris Says:

    The thing is they’re very demanding & pretentious immigrants. More like invaders actually…

  2. ggl Says:

    Well, the invaders claim that they only demand what the Westerners take for granted, although Westerners will often face difficulty when trying to take their driver’s license photo with some sort of religious headgear.

  3. Cris Says:

    Yeah, sure. I guess we all should start taking Pastafarianism seriously, it would probably help. If I must have a religion I believe in Thor.

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