Playing with sharp objects outside evals.

‘And what would humans be without love?’
‘RARE, said Death.”

– Terry Pratchett, Sourcery

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4 Responses to “Rare”

  1. Cris Says:

    Cam ce e in Sourcery-ul lui Pratchett?

  2. ggl Says:

    N-am citit-o inca, dar e aici tot plot-ul. Spoiler altert. Evident, asta nu m-a oprit sa scriu aici quote-ul ala.

    Acum citesc Equal Rites. E despre o fata, cea de-a opta fiica a celui de-al optulea fiu – un fierar din catunul izolat de munte Bad Ass – care ajunge din greseala vrajitor (girls shouldn’t; wrong kind of magic you see, wizzard magic being for men).

  3. Cris Says:

    Haha! Girls can’t do wizard magic, e buna poanta :-D

  4. ggl Says:

    Well it appears they can, only they normally don’t.

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