The weather

London, Shepherd’s Bush, around 9.30 am. I was out drinking my tea on the hostel’s terrace. A tall, bald man in his early 30s by the looks of it asked for permission to join me at the table. He had this silky ladylike scarf around his neck – definitely gay by posture and dress. I said alright, mainly due to the fact that, apart from us being there, the terrace was completely empty and it would have been impolite to refuse. He sat down and lit a cigarette, then asked me where I was from. “Romania”, I told him. “You?” It turned out he was a Hungarian from Budapest. “Budapest. Nice city – sort of slow during the summer”, I replied. It was quite windy and he threw his scarf over his head. The clouds were moving quickly overhead, which brought up the usual subject: weather. “Shifty weather here in London, isn’t it?”, I said. He made a remark about global warming, finally blaming it on “all the people fucking and multiplying like rabbits”. Sort of an awkward weather conversation that came to a sudden halt. My tea was almost finished, so I uttered an excuse and left him alone on the terrace to meditate about global warming, overpopulation and why not, gaydom’s role in preventing this.

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7 Responses to “The weather”

  1. defythewind Says:

    Haha, brilliant! Not sure he was gay. All “posh” people I’ve met look rather borderline. This guy wasn’t one, though. No posh people would say such things. Weather conversations are a cherished skill.

  2. ggl Says:

    Well, he wasn’t English, so, looking back, I do not expect him to be skilled in weather conversations. I know I am not but at least I tried to have a normal weather conversation with him.

  3. ana pauper Says:

    there was a young man in london
    who talked about weather and condom
    until your green tea
    has stopped his silk plea
    while nothing else happened in london

  4. ggl Says:

    Black tea. They only had the black variety.

  5. defythewind Says:

    Black indeed. Green is for sissies.

  6. ana pauper Says:

    true that, sissie :D

  7. ggl Says:

    I normally drink green or oolong teas. Gunpowder is my favourite variety, plain or blended with mint – Moroccan style but without the added sugar. I blend it myself prior to infusing.

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